Cave Lair – Chaos new building and Battle Queue mod – Heroes IV Enhancement Mod

Cave Lair (Chaos town): Allows to recruit Trolls, Evil Eyes and Troglodytes for free (works like weaker creature portal but creatures cost 0 gold). Replaces Thieves Gauntlet building. Requires: Den of Thieves or Orc Towers.

Cost: gold 4000, ore 8, crystal 2.

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Battle Queue: Hold Shift or toggle Caps Lock to see order of turns in combat.

The idea of Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod is to give players new revolutionary choices, while carefully saving ideas and vibe of the vanilla game. All factions get instruments to build new strategies, but you can still use your favorite from the original game, because this mode ENHANCES the game, not turns it into something completely new.


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  1. MasterYushi

    when using clone spell sometimes it fails, and in the end of the battle the cloned character disappeared.

    can you add obelisk map? that can show you obelisks over the map, sometimes it is hard to find them.


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