Bounty Hunter mod (ERA 3)

Every week, Janice the Clerk will ask you to defeat a particular monster. More groups of that monster you defeat that week, better the reward will be. How to visit Janice: click on the custom button below minimap.

The bounty starts with level 1 creatures and adds 1 level / week to the random dices. So only week 6 you will get a 1/7 chance to have bounty on high levels. You can get the bounty any day, but then bounties will reset. Then rewards are big but finding 10 groups of same monster looks impossible early/middle game, without town portal, fly or dimension door.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter mod is based on RPG Might and Magic 6 where Bounty hunting is a repeatable sidequest. The party can visit a town hall clerk Janice in New Sorpigal and be asked to hunt down a specific type of monster. If the player manages to kill the monster before the end of the month, they can go back to the clerk for a reward.

Bounty Rewards for # groups killed:

1: 1000 gold + 1000 gold for each game’s week.
2: Boots of Speed or Equestrian Gloves. If you hero has one, he will get the other one.
3: 20 of each resource + 5 for each game’s week.
4: 5 experience levels for the active hero.
5: One of Angelic Alliance’s artifacts that your hero doesn’t have equipped.
6: +5 to all primary skills for the active hero.
7: All level 1-4 spells to the active hero.
8: Statue of Legion.
9: Armageddon Blade.
10+: The Grail

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