Heroes 3: Exiled Kingdoms mod download

Platform HotA
File Size 604 MB
Version v1.0
Mod Info
Author Exiled Mod
Last Update 07. 02. 2023
Download (official download, google drive)
Download (alternative download, WoG Folder)
WoG Folderonline source of Heroes of Might and Magic mods (not only Heroes 3 mods, but not Heroes 6 😀 ) and various goodies (like “Did you know” series) that I have managed to collect over the last 10 years for everyone who contributes to the running of the Heroes 3.5 Portal.

Exiled Kingdoms mod is a total conversion of Horn of the Abyss v1.6.1. All 9 original factions have new creatures and new heroes in their army, some town screens have also changed graphically.

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  1. Potatoman

    Love the look of the two headed skeleton


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