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Heroes III Restoration of Erathia cheat codes are quotes from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. Shadow of Death cheat codes are based on the Matrix movie and the Armageddon's Blade codes are all references to Star Wars Episode I.

Platform ERA II
File Size 1 MB
Version 1.1
Updated 02.01. 2018

This mod removes or fixes all bugged scripts from Era and replaces them with other options. A few ones were replaced because (IMO) they were decorative only and without any improvement to the game-play.

Changes in WoG 3.58 scripts:

[+] Henchman was modified by Berserker.
[+] First money script fixed (redraw status bar)
[+] Artificer will also purchase your artefacts for either mithril or gold.
[+] Fnord 3.59 script „Monsters will drop resources when defeated“
[+] Fnord 3.59 script „Monsters will drop artefacts“
[+] Secondary skills script was fixed (tactics again) BR->BF
[+] „Disable autosave“ was replaced by Fnord 3.59 script „Swap troops between Heroes“
[+] Hints added to scripts which may not be compatible between or create impossible gameplay, ie random hero + enhanced warmachines + karmic battles, good luck
[+] Mithril enhancements fixed (AI will not receive negative gold after mithril conversion)
[+] Resolve Battle, by Valery and Berserker
[+] Call to Arms by Berserker
[+] Town Treasuries by Fnord
[-] Sabotage buildings was removed from Espionage III script.
[-] „Passable terrain“ removed
[-] „Split decision“ removed

Custom Scripts added
(Author: Berserker)

[+] Fast troops placement
[+] Gnolls marauders first strike
[+] Distant Death Stare
[+] The grand manoeuvre

New scripts:

Resolve Battle: click on auto-combat to instantly finish the battle, without any mana spent.

Monsters drop resources
All monster stacks on the map have gold and possibly either wood or ore or a precious resource (or sometimes wood/ore + a precious resource) that you can claim if you defeat them in combat.

And many more…