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Glory of War download

Did you know...

#101 Only Fortress has 2 hexes wide moat. Fortress moat is full of boiling tar and cause 90 points of damage per hex when creatures enter the moat or end a turn into one.

Platform ERA 2.7.5
File Size 160 MB
Version 1.3
Update 02.06. 2020
Author Hero of Light
Download (.zip archive also contains ERA 2.7.5)

Glory of War installation

  • Install Heroes 3 complete, then Install ERA 2.7.5. This mod is compatible only with ERA 2.7.5!
  • Extract all files to “Mods” folder.
  • Open Mod Manager found in “Tools” folder
  • Make sure GoW is ENABLED and TOP on the priority list.
  • Start a new single scenario and visit “WoG Options”.
  • Make sure that the “Glory of War” WoG option is ON.
  • Enjoy the Game!