Glory of War download

Platform ERA 3
File Size 62 MB
Version 1.3
Update 09.01. 2023
Author Hero of Light
Download (

Glory of War installation

  • Install Heroes 3 complete, then Install ERA 3. (or use ERA 3 Launcher)
  • Extract all files to “Mods” folder.
  • Open Mod Manager found in “Tools” folder
  • Make sure GoW is ENABLED and TOP on the priority list.
  • Start a new single scenario and visit “WoG Options”.
  • Make sure that the “Glory of War” WoG option is ON.
  • Enjoy the Game!



  1. Maria

    I remember playing this mod a long time ago and it was the best castle tweaking monster adding mod I ever came across. so with the despair in my heart I need to state that right now it it not compatible with latest era 3 release ( date 2.9.23)
    The attempt to choose a commander returns empty strings. Henchman triggers error notification around 6 times per round. the main menu is incomplete leaving no cover for old wallpaper in upper right corner. there is no option GOW ON in wog options at all.

  2. Taph

    Heya I tried to use this mod today and it doenst seem to work. I have ERA 3 launcher, clean install of WoG on top of H3 Complete. On turn 2 I get some errors that keep popping up over and over and only way to even quit the game is killing process via task manager. Followed the “tutorial” here,enabled it ingame, I can even see all the various new monsters but as soon as I end turn 2 its just get into cyclic errors. Any hints/tips how to fix it?


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