ERA 2 download

Did you know...

Although the Forge faction has ben canceled, you can find Forge blacksmith on the Armageddon's Blade box cover.

Platform Heroes 3 Complete
File Size 110 MB
Version 2.9.5
Update 20. 01. 2020
Download v2.9.5 (
Download v2.9.4 + HD-mod 4.208 RC4 + ERA Scripts (All-in-One)
Download (v2.46)
How to install ERA 2

Requires: Heroes 3 Shadow of Death, Heroes Complete Edition.

 Mod System.
Easily installed and uninstalled mods with advanced compatibility and extensibility, plugins and patches, mod manager and plugin manager with GUI (by SyDr).
Game and mods are fully portable. No traditional installation process, registry problems or CD requirements (optional).
 Advanced editor.
Integrated patch by GrayFace with mod support, custom plugins for editor, etc.
 Supplied mods.
Yona (new battle hint, new creature abilities).
Fast Battle Animation (speeds-up sounds, pre-battle music, battle animation).
Secondary Skills Scrolling
 (no hidden skills, view up to 28 skills).
Lots of patches
 Custom buttons, objects packs, colored texts, improved multiplayer, dozens of tweaks, etc.

Credits: talented Heroes community.

Special thanks to Algor, baratorch, Berserker, Bes, Darkloke, feanor, GrayFace, igrik, Jim Vogan, MoP, Morn, RoseKavalier, Sav, solitaire345, SyDr, Valery (Salamandre), WoG Team, ZVS.