XXL patch v1.0 for Heroes of Might and Magic III


Bohužiaľ predchádzajúca verzia XXL máp pre Heroes 3 prestala fungovať, tak pridávam nový XXL návod.

  1. zo zložky “to H3 folder” prekopírujte súbory XXL.exe a diffs.txt do zložky s hrou Heroes 3 (ideálna cesta: C:\GOG Games\HoMM 3 Complete)
  2. spustite súbor XXL.exe
  3. ďalej skopírujte zo zložky “to DATA folder” súbory patch.bat, h3sprite.exe, RADAR.DEF, rmg.txt do zložky \DATA
  4. spustite súbor patch.bat
  5. hotovo, teraz cez HD mod spustite “heroes3_XXL.exe

Podpora XXL máp zmení ch veľkosti priamo v hre nasledujúcim spôsobom: Generátor máp bude generovať namiesto veľkosti S, XL mapy (144×144), namiesto M mapy o veľkosti 180×180, namiesto L mapy o veľkosti 216×216 a miesto XL obrovské mapy veľkosti 252×252.

XXL patch v1.0

English description

1. Extract XXL.exe and diffs.txt to your %HoMM% folder
2. Run XXL.exe
3. Extract patch.bat, h3sprite.exe, RADAR.DEF, rmg.txt to %HoMM%\DATA folder
4. Run patch.bat
5. run HD_Launcher.exe and then heroes3_XXL.exe

The original h3sprite.lod will be placed to __backup folder, so you can restore it later if needed.

After patching you will be able to play not only standard maps (36×36, 72×72, 108×108, 144×144)
but also three new XXL maps: 180×180, 216×216, 252×252.

Now instead of S random maps the game produces XL, M – 180×180, L – 216×216, XL – 252×252.
108×108 maps are generated by default.

xxl map patch


  1. Ivo Ivov

    Hi, I want to burn towns and rebuild them in other type. What should I do, to have that option along with XXL mode?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Ivo, here is article about castle demolitions: https://heroes3wog.net/town-demolition-option-004-wog/

  2. Dima

    Hello, where to download it?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

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