WoG Graphics Fix update v2.13 + changelog

This amazing graphic modification not only modifies and enhances the graphics of old WoG objects, but also adds many new ones.

WoG Graphics fix
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher*

!Before installation, it is recommended to delete the old mod folder (wog fix eng / wog fix rus).

*If you use WoG Graphics fix mod with ERA 3 Launcher, it is necessary to disable “16 2-way teleports“, “Game Enhancements Mod” and “WoG Fix lite” via Mod Manager for the proper functioning.


[+] The mod has been reorganized: now it does not have an English/Russian version; Game language files has moved to wog/wog rus mods in ERA Launcher Edition Assembly
[+] Added 10 new large water lilies
[+] Added an additional University sprite for the adventure map
[+] Added 9 decorative pillars for the grass terrain
[+] Some objects in editor palettes are arranged more ergonomically
[+] Improved the graphics of the forgotten shrine
[+] Added two additional trees of knowledge – for swamp and rough terrain
[+] Added an additional flower for grass terrain
[+] Added an additional grass hill for grass terrain
[+] Improved the Sacred Phoenix sprite for the adventure map
[+] Added 6 decorative bones for rocky and sand terrain
[+] Added a new canyon for rough terrain
[+] Added three new stones for swamp terrain
[+] Improved graphics of sea shrines
[+] Improved graphics of ice blocks
[+] Work has been done on the graphics of the waterhole of rough terrain
[+] Improved graphics of new lakes of rough terrain
[+] Changes in graphics near two rough hills
[+] Improved the graphics of the miniature school of war
[+] Changes to the graphics of temples on the adventure map
[+] Improved graphics of new rough mountains
[+] Improved the graphics of the original rough mountains
[+] Improved sprites of the original pine trees
[+] Refinement in the colour palette of the sand mountains
[+] Improved graphics of two icebergs
[+] Other changes in sprite graphics from previous updates

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