Spring Map Making Contest – Songs of Conquest

Hello, Wielders!

Songs of Conquest improved map editor is just about out and Lava Potion are celebrating it in the best way possible, with a friendly competition! Together with Mod.io, they launching a map-making contest. With a 1000 USD prize for the best map maker out there, as well as adding the winning map to the official Songs of Conquest map pool. But don’t fret if you don’t win, the runners-up get some lovely prizes too!

So, who are Mod.io? They provide cross-platform mod support and host all the awesome player-created maps that our community has designed.

The competition will run from April 3rd and will last until the 28th of April, giving you a month to complete a large map. Lavapotion will announce the Winners on 12 May 2023 via the Songs of Conquest Twitter account.

You can find the complete text of the competition, including terms and conditions, on the STEAM page of Songs of Conquest.

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