HeroWO.js: open source implementation of HoMM 3 in JavaScript

HeroWO is in the early beta stage. As such, it has innumerous bugs. Good news: most issues barring basic gameplay can be fixed within minutes. Bad news: someone’s got to report them. Everyone can help, not only programmers!

Useful links:
HeroWO website
Play tutorial
HeroWO forum – How to help

• The map, combat, fog of war, sounds are done.
• Spells, creatures, artifacts, skills, buildings and towns.
• Fully parallel multiplayer (one player’s turn or combat don’t lock out everyone).
• Standalone .h3m parser and compiler written in PHP: https://github.com/HeroWO-js/h3m2json

The code is fundamentally flexible although not every feature is currently on the surface. For example, combat allows custom number of parties and dimensions, maps – unlimited number of levels, there’s built-in recording of replays, spectator mode and many more.

The engine is especially focused on facilitating modifications – be it with programming or without (using the system of effects and databanks). More info in Russian.

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