Heroes 3 Recollection: Why is there a Basilisk on the Dungeon puzzle map?

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Do you know (or could surmise) what is the deal with the Basilisk on the Dungeon’s puzzle map?

From the beginning, the Basilisk was seated with the Fortress, and it was never part of the Dungeon line-up.  Puzzle Map graphics were rendered by our concept artist George Almond, and he simply screwed up the Basilisk’s affiliation.  He had already finished the work before we caught the error.  It would have taken time to correct, and we were running short on time, so we let it slide. – Greg Fulton

Whatever it is, it is not a minotaur.

Actually, it’s supposed to be a Minotaur, but I would agree… it’s not a well-drawn Minotaur. – Greg Fulton

Inferno’s puzzle has either winged demon or what used to be Manticore.

I can’t decipher it either and I suspect George was simply ‘off the rails’ in this instance.  Again, it would have taken time to correct, so we let it slide.  It was good enough. – Greg Fulton

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  1. Dreamaster

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    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Tak to je zvláštne, ale ak chceš, môžeš mi svoje otázky poslať a ja ich priamo prepošlem Gregovi Fultonovi.

  2. Allwynd

    It never looked like a Basilisk to me, looks like some random cave-dwelling lizard. I think I read somewhere before that it was a mistake on the developers’ part, but I think it’s someone’s wild fantasy.

  3. Glabrex

    There is also a troglodyte with a visible eye(s)

    It looks more like just some random iguana and i agree with the comment above
    I’m more concerned with the inferno puzzle especially that being in the left bottom connor under the devil? What the hell is that? A sad Behemoth?


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