Fanstratics – A Spiritual Successor from the lead game designer of Heroes 3 update #2

Is there anything better gaming life than finding an email from the lead designer of your / our favorite game in the morning? That’s right, Mr. Gregory Fulton wrote me an email and I immediately started picking up news about Fanstratics – A Spiritual Successor of Heroes of Might and Magic 3! Be sure to visit Fanstratics website and subscribe to the news.

It is still too early for more detailed information but for those of you wondering who drew the Fanstratics Cavalier, his name is Justin Gerard.  At this point, it is unknown how involved Justin will be with Fanstratics, if at all, but you can find out more about him here. I really like his work and especially the Cavalier reminds me work of George Almond.

  • Fanstratics is final name
  • square grid for the adventure map
  • hex grid for the battlefield
  • no anime/cartoon graphic

For now, I can only reveal this information.


“THE FALL OF GONDOLIN” by Justin Gerard

George Almond Champion and Justin Gerard Cavalier

George Almond Champion and Justin Gerard Cavalier


  1. Vedran

    I hope that name will be something more similar to Heroes of Might and Magic like Heroes of Swords and Wizard Staffs

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Vedra, Fanstratics is final name of the game.

  2. Tyty

    Very nice. Looking forward to more info


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