Factory NEW Gameplay – STREAMFEST 2020

Horn of the Abyss Factory gameplay from StreamFest 2020. This new trailer features gameplay of the upcoming Factory town. It largely serves to showcase units and combat. More information coming soon.

It really helps to watch that trailer at 0,5 speed. These are some smaller details what I could gather by looking it up few times.


  • Halfling upgrades are called as Halfling Grenadiers
  • Halflings have the original stats + the original luck ability as we already knew
  • Unupgraded centipedes are being called as Sandworms, and their upgrades are named as Olgoi Khorkois
  • Unupgraded Sandworms have the stats of 11 att, 12 def 11-15 dmg and 60 hp and 8 speed, so they seem to be somewhat comperable to rocs, with slightly less attack, but more bit more defence and speed
  • Gunslingers have 17 att, 12 def, 20-24 dmg, 60 hp, 7 speed and 16 shots. They also come with the Quick shot ability, as they’re once per round capable of shooting before they’re being targeted with a ranged attack. Compared to the the vanilla cyclopses, these guys seem to be quite a lot better
  • The resource needed to get Couatls is crystal and Mercury for Juggernauts.
  • Heroes:
  • Jangaard has Scouting speciality, and he starts with Archery + Scouting
  • Agar is a Sandworm specialists, and probably starts with Logistics + Pathfinding.
  • Henrietta is a Halfling specialist, and very likely starts with Pathfinding + Archery.
  • Interrestingly, as we can see the skills, the rumoured “racial ability” seems to be not generated by the heroes, but perhaps it’s somehow accesiable from the town itself.Other:
  • There is yet seen building guarded by Air elementals at the end of the video. It’s likely a mechanic or dreadnought dwelling. Informations by: Hourglass


  1. JTB

    “The resource needed to get Couatls is crystal”

    Also, mercury for juggernauts.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Oh, thanks!


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