Very sad news about Legacy of the Silence mod

Internet stupidity reigned again, and due to some trolls, the author of the Legacy of the Silence modification ends its development. Here is Kongsuni comment from Discord. Whole Heroes 3 community lost one of the most promising mod, because of some idiots with a small penis…
Thank you for everything Kongsuni and I firmly believe that sometime in the future you will start working on your modification again.

Download latest version:
Legacy of Silence ENG version
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Installation: Download and unzip archive. Run h3era HD.exe. Enjoy!

HoMM3: Legacy of the Silence features:

  • 13 New towns (NO replacement) with full unit line up and heroes
  • 8th level units for each town (including existing towns)
  • Including Third Upgrades mod : Existing towns can be upgraded in two stages. New creature banks.
  • Including Advanced Class mod : In addition to the existing ACM, there are 22 advanced classes
  • 9 new spells, 2 new skill
  • 9 new war machine
  • 90+ new artifacts including 10+ new artifact set (not combo)
  • Guaranteed stable random map play with up to 22 factions with appropriate unit dwellings
  • 30+ whole new unit ability appears


  1. Kionatria

    I agree that abandoning LotS is a true shame; I’ve had a lot of fun playing it, and while there are a few bugs even in the last available version, it still doesn’t diminish how good it is.

    1. Angelo

      I intend to download the latest version. Do you think the factions and the game as whole are balanced? Are all the factions complete? Thanks in advance.

      1. PanzerWDS

        The mod is playable. There are some balance issues and minor bugs, but it’s definitely playable.

  2. PanzerWDS

    Very sad news. I spent a lot of time playing this mod with friends. I wish creator all the best and thank him for his work.

  3. Arnon2

    It doesn’t really say, that he droped work on mod entirely. It only implies he stopped development for a while, which is understandable, as this is pretty complex and stressful process without added negativity from the side. I say, instead of mourning, we should send letters of support (support, I say, not demand), to let him know he DOES have a reason for working on LOTS.
    Also I don’t understand morons who send those threatening letters. It’s a voluntary unofficial modification, for crying out loud. It’s like whole Forge situation, only even dumber. It really makes me question level of intelligence of average HOMM player (than again, most of them are kids probably and have zero empathy and understandment of how much effort goes into dvelopment).


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