Third Upgrades mod update v2.17 + changelog

With Third Upgrade Mod every town can have a new building that is used as a general ‘upgrade guild’. Thanks to this the player will be able to upgrade creatures in the town to their new forms. Mod also include +90 new artifacts, new creature banks, new dwellings and many more.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

ATTENTION: Third Upgrades Mod requires “Visual C++ Redistributable” download it in official Microsoft page.

Third Upgrades mod update v2.17 changelog

New feature: Now Catherine Ironfist can upgrade Crusaders and Inquisitors into Swordmasters! (Beta phase)
– Fixed wrong description from Pure Diamond Dragon and other creatures.
– Ritual Dagger works now on Supreme Arch Mage but better.
– Fixed passibility from Order of Ice dwelling.

The following changes were made by Archer30:

Deleted individual files written in the main code for better management:
…\Data\s\81 wog – disable options.erm
…\Data\s\Aura of Bravery.erm
…\Data\s\Kongsuni Artifact.erm
…\EraPlugins\AfterWoG\change wog options selection type.bin
…\Lang\Kongsuni Artifact.json
…\Lang\unlimited music themes.json

New effect of artifacts:
Lightning Rod: This rod increases your Attack, Defense, Knowledge skills by 3 and your Power skill by 6. It gives the hero Lightning Bolt and Chain Lighnigs spells and makes all units vulnerable to these spells (only artifact immunity works). Chain lighting can be cast on all enemy units without damaging ally creatures. Each stack hit by the Chain Lightning spell gets an additional hit by Lightning Bolt.
Amulet of the return of Samsara: When casting Resurrection and Animate Undaed, the spells will also be cast on all the ally creatures with 30% of the hero’s power. Transform different skeletons into their living forms.
Implosion Amplifying Bracelet: When casting implosion, the spell will also be cast on all the other enemy creatures with 30% of the hero’s power.
Exchange Cloak: When worn, the Attack and Defense of the allied hero and enemy hero are reversed.

Other improvement of fixes:
New Pandora now works only in random maps (for securing the compatibiliy with custom maps).
– Several options from WoG Scripts and Era Scripts now also work on third upgrade of the effetive creatures.
– A + LMB on the position of the garrison hero/visiting hero’s portrait from the town screen upgrades all the avaialbe creatures.
– Fixed greying out WoG option menu.
– Fixed changing the name of Portal of Summoning even when 8th creature is not enabled.
– Fixed Wayfarer’s Boots.
– Fixed Helm of the Hydra Queen.
– Added the missing level 8 and commander portraits graphics in png format for the future compatibility with Era Assembly.
– Fixed Ingham’s specialty not working on High Priest.
– Other minor fixes and optimizations for Assembly.

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