VCMI v1.2.1 – bugfix release

VCMI release 1.2.1 is now available, should come soon to Google play store. Same as 1.1.1 this is bugfix release so no new features (spell range overlay is an exception). Release 1.3 should be next one, coming in few months.

VCMI 1.2.1
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
VCMI Discord Channel

VCMI 1.2.1 changelog:

-Implemented spell range overlay for Dimension Door and Scuttle Boat
-Fixed movement cost penalty from terrain
-Fixed empty Black Market on game start
-Fixed bad morale happening after waiting
-Fixed good morale happening after defeating last enemy unit
-Fixed death animation of Efreeti killed by petrification attack
-Fixed crash on leaving to main menu from battle in hotseat mode
-Fixed music playback on switching between towns
-Special months (double growth and plague) will now appear correctly
-Adventure map spells are no longer visible on units in battle
-Attempt to cast spell with no valid targets in hotseat will show appropriate error message
-RMG settings will now show all existing in game templates and not just those suitable for current settings
-RMG settings (map size and two-level maps) that are not compatible with current template will be blocked
-Fixed centering of scenario information window
-Fixed crash on empty save game list after filtering
-Fixed blocked progress in Launcher on language detection failure
-Launcher will now correctly handle selection of data directory in H3 install
-Map editor will now correctly save message property for events and pandoras
-Fixed incorrect saving of heroes portraits in editor

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