Third Upgrade Mod v1.10.5 update – Creatures original movement speed has been restored

Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build

Changelog v1.10.5

  • Creatures original movement speed has been restored.
  • Fixed some in-game objects, and now reduced the chance of crash when generating a new map.
  • Fixed Acid Wyvern adv map sprite not displaying correctly.
  • Everything related to the Third Upgrade Wolf Raider was restored and fixed.
  • Neutral Town and Creature Banks Growth is now compatible with Third Upgrades Mod.

Changelog v1.10.0

  • A total of 18 new artifacts have been added without replacing any existing one, 3 are HotA combo (Ironfist of the Ogre is not a combo at the moment). More artifacts will be added in the future.
  • The units have been ordered when they have to be chosen once the special structure has been purchased.
  • Void Elemental’s price has been balanced.
  • Dark Tiamat and Necross Dragon Dwellings now appear via wogify.
  • 3 new plugins have been added to make the game more interesting:
    • Battle AI: Improves slightly as the AI works, it also allows them to better manipulate the new creatures and dwellings of the mod.
    • ArtGuard: Creatures now have more protection radius for resources and artifacts.
    • Instant Anim: Creatures now move animatedly like in HotA and VCMI during battle.

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