Leprechaun’s Bank mod v1.1 (ERA 2.9.13)

Leprechaun’s Bank serves as a replacement/extension of the WoG-option “Bank/Resource Trading Center”. When used, it disables the functionality of the WoG-options “Bank”, “Resource Trading Center” and “Ability to transfer ALL resources.”

Leprechaun’s Bank mod
works with ERA Gaming Build

The main differences from the original “Bank” WoG-option:


Resource loans are now completely independent from each other. Targeted loans were added to rebuild key city buildings with automatic construction upon receipt of a loan. A loan for emergency mobilization with double the maximum amount and doubled rate was added.

Terms of Service

For each loan, individual parameters are set: rate, max. amount and daily payment. Within max. amount, a player can take several loans, but the daily payment in this case may become higher. The parameters of loans are influenced by the level of difficulty chosen by the player, the in-game time and the player’s income sources available to him/her. If it is not possible to pay the daily payment of the loan, the Bank withholds a penalty for each unpaid unit of the resource. If it is impossible to pay the penalty, the Bank increases the rate for all new loans in the resource for which non-payment occurred. Any loan can be paid in full ahead of schedule; partial payment is not allowed. If the amount of early payment is not less than half the maximum available amount per resource, the Bank reduces the rate for this type of loan.


Information on all loans and current debts is displayed with one “main” window of the Bank. There are no daily notifications on writing off debts and closing loans. Alert info-dialogs on raising/lowering interest rates on loans have been added. Help on the functionality is implemented in the form of tips from a Leprechaun clerk.


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