The Glory of War v1.3 has been released

After two years passed from the previous Glory of War 1.2 update, this new version has a lot of new features, small corrections here and there and most importantly a lot of new creatures and objects. With the rise of such excelent mods as Tides of War and Horn of the Abyss, the Community is now filled with great new creature concept and animations. Full credits go to the teams that made these great graphics! Author of modification is Hero_of_Light.

The Glory of War v1.3
Official mod topic
New scenario - The 9th Kingdom.

New scenario – The 9th Kingdom.

New Campaign - The Glory of War

New Campaign – The Glory of War

The 9th Kingdom

The 9th Kingdom


  1. Anđelo Čičak

    Hi guys. i cant open glory of war 1.3 download. It keeps redirecting me on leprechaun bank download. Help please. Thank you

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, fixed thanks! Here is link:

  2. Io Zile

    Ok, i think i have a bug or something. I installed Homm Complete Edition, then i installed Era 2.8.8, after that i put the mod, make it first, enable it. In wog options i loaded the holmod.dat and i started playing. All my creature buildings are showing me 4 creatures available ( 4 in each building) and all of them are pikemens with 0 creature available.If i click the fort i will see the list with specific town creatures, if i click on them again the 4 pikemens….. The only way i can recruit creatures is by clicking the little fort icon and buy all of them…. Do you have a sugestion? Did i do something wrong? Thank you.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Io, it happened to me too, and I know where the problem is. You need to install ERA 2.7.5 and the problem will go away.

      So do a clean installation of Heroes 3, then download again Glory of War mod (ERA 2.7.5 is part of the archive) install ERA, then put the GoW mod, make it first, enable it and load holmod.dat. It should work this way.

      1. Io Zile

        Thank you for your reply. I did it, and it works smooth. Great Mod, i just love it. Have a good day.


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