Pavilion Town (or Bastion) v2.6.5 (VCMI) with new Grail animation update

I was hoping to reach the next milestone with a real substantial change, but sadly, fate decided otherwise. Still, I grew impatient while some really nice assets were gathering dust for so long, so I decided to just finish them up and release a new (albeit half-way) version. – AncientDruids

Pavilion Town
How to install modifications for VCMI

What’s new:
– New Grail sanctuary animation;
– Gorgeous obelisk puzzle graphics, salvaged from some long-lost dimension and generously gifted by Orfy;
– Various minor tweaks and corrections to the town screen.

The work is still only half done, but now the town has long due Grail animation and an absolute artifact of an obelisk puzzle to boot, remembering the times of eagerly-awaited WoG 3.59. I hope my benefactor won’t be upset it’s included in such a mediocre release. More things will get added and updated eventually, but for now, some other projects and real-life stuff have pushed their way on top of my priority list. I’ll try to come back with another update as soon as I can!

Like always, feel free to download, test and comment. Peace!

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