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One of the most important things one should consider when making a game is to somehow ensure its immortality. Just like any other game creator, we also deeply care about this. Which is why we decided to give players the ability to create their own maps. This is precisely what our simple Scenario Creator is for.

Every fan of the series knows exactly what we are talking about here. Scenarios and maps—that have been created over the years as supplements to the base version—have always provided tremendous added value to the gameplay and the richness of the world, which has made visiting it a never-ending adventure.

Many Possibilities

The total number of tiles in the game, including all the expansions, is 56. This provides you with countless possibilities for designing and combining scenarios. Additionally, all tiles from each part of the game are thematically related to specific factions and have been designed accordingly.

Thanks to this, you can create works that are coherent from both the visual and the narrative perspectives. And yes, when we said “combining,” we meant it—you will be able to create not only single scenarios but whole campaigns! Once you play a few matches and master the basic rules, you will learn to balance the map correctly. And to make it easier for you, we have prepared a few tips that will help you create your own maps even with very little experience.

Scenario Creator

You can find the tips on page 9 of the Tournament Book. If you are eager to start having fun creating your own scenarios, this is the best way to go. The whole process is reduced to several simple steps. By following the instructions, literally, within moments, you will be able to make your first scenario and start testing it.

The Scenario Creator allows you to customize almost every aspect of the gameplay, starting from its length and the individual elements that can be visited on the map, through the goals of the scenario, the type of gameplay, and plenty of other elements. To make it even easier, we have included a “fill-in” template for a scenario. You will find it on page 10.

Archon Support

From our side, we offer substantive support; we will be happy to assist you in creating your first maps. Since we very much appreciate your engagement and activity on forums and in comments, we would like not only to invite but also to encourage you to create threads on BoardGameGeek and share your scenarios with other fans. Who knows, maybe it is your map that is going to be played all over Erathia!

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