Heroes Orchestra Concerts 2023 – Free Livestream 🌏

Many of you asking us about the concert LIVESTREAM. Heroes Orchestra know that not everyone can participate in the upcoming event. They understand this and they really want to play the concert, which is available for every Heroes of Might and Magic fan. So yeah! Heroes Orchestra gonna stream upcoming concerts! They just ask for a small donation, stream is 100% free for you.

🌏 17:00 CET STREAM: bit.ly/ho1stconcert
🔖 17:00 CET TICKETS: bit.ly/ho-koncert-pierwszy
🌏 20:00 CET STREAM: bit.ly/ho2ndconcert
🔖 20:00 CET TICKETS: bit.ly/ho-koncert-drugi
You can also donate and support Heroes Orchestra here

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