ERA 3 Launcher update 2.96 added God Mode + changelog

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (ERA 3), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). Please update game via “game control”.

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ERA 3 Launcher update 2.96 changelog:

– Updated to version 3.9.11 – thanks to Berserker;
– Updated “game bug fixes extended.dll” plugin – thanks to igrik;

#HD mod:
– Updated to version 5.4 R86 – thanks to baratorch;

#ERA ERM Framework:
– Added initialization of i^battle_round_^ on replay – thanks to Archer30

#Game Enhancements Mod:
– Added Flexible Cheats feature. Now all the cheat codes from RoE/AB/SoD are supported. If a cheat code is entered with other unrelated info, it would also be recognized and applied – thanks to Archer30
– Improved the fix for mage guild in rebuilt towns (after demolishing): Now high level spells would appear in guilds. Added spell research support – thanks to Archer30

#WoG Scripts:
– New Creature Banks: Now upon the guards of Lost Bottles are defeated, the hero would be asked whether to pick the bottle up. If the bottle is picked up, the hero can read the a random msg inside, and the bottle would vanished from the map permanently – thanks to Archer30

#ERA Scripts:
– Custom Primary Skills: Fixed possible to distribute PS when levelling up – thanks to Archer30

#Advanced Classes Mod:
– Fixed possible to learn spells from Artifacts with GM Scholar – thanks to Archer30
– Added a fix for future TUM Full – thanks to Archer30
– Updated the graphics of Magic Want to be compatible with TUM – thanks to Archer30
– Updated localization – thanks to PerryR;

#Advanced Difficulties Mod:
– Replaced the icon for Primary Skills with original H3 style (was WoG) – thanks to Archer30

Added God Mode. Alt-click on the hero’s portrait to max out Army/Movement/Mana/Fly/Primary Skills/Secondary Skills/Spells/Vision of the map/Resources – thanks to Archer30
– Added Ctrl/Alt/Shift-click on the secondary skills title to manage all the secondary skills at once – thanks to Archer30
– Fixed Scrolling on Primary Skills not working correctly when the stats is over 127 – thanks to Archer30
– Now opening the hero screen from Trainer will allow to editing any data of the hero (instead of view only) – thanks to Archer30;


  1. Nikita

    How do I activate god mode? I tried pressing ALT+right/left on the portrait, but nothing happened

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      make sure you have ERA 3 Launcher up to date, God mode is functional from the 2.96 version

  2. Perry

    you must have the Trainer mod activated and first press F2 ingame to open the cheat menu.


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