ArcoMage HD – Open Source Might and Magic Card Game

Arcomage is a minigame included in two installments of the Might and Magic series of fantasy role-playing games. It is included in both Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor and Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. 3DO also released it as a stand-alone game in 2000. In the stand-alone version a single player could play against a computer opponent or two players could play via a LAN or TCP/IP connection.

ArcoMage HD is a web-based (also desktop), free and open source, remastered 3D clone of 3DO and New World Computing’s 2000 PC card game Arcomage, which appeared in the Might and Magic RPG game series. It’s available in 13 languages: English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Ukrainian.

ArcoMage HD (desktop version)
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As well as having a “Tower“, “Wall” and Deck of Cards, each player also has:

  • “Quarry” – controls how many “bricks” are gained each turn
  • “Bricks” – spent on brick cards
  • “Magic” – controls how many “gems” are gained each turn
  • “Gems” – spent on gem cards
  • “Dungeon” – controls how many “recruits” are gained each turn
  • “Recruits” – spent on recruit cards

Arcomage Gameplay

Arcomage takes the form of a tabletop game, in which there are two players, each with a deck of cards, a “tower” and a “wall”, as well as several other variables that determine whether they win or lose, and what cards they can play. As Might and Magic is a single-player game, one would always play against an AI opponent – making the game relatively easy to win.

Players take it in turns to:

  • Draw the appropriate number of cards to complete their 6-part deck (one or more cards would have been played or discarded during their previous turn)
  • Either play or discard a card, depending on their options – in some cases dicard will be the only option available, as the player might not have the appropriate amount of “gems”, “bricks” or “recruits”.
  • If their chosen card allows it, play again and/or choose a card to discard.

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