Andruid’s BAT-OUTTA-HELL update RAT MOD (VCMI)

The Rat Mod adds new neutral units, their upgraded versions and dwellings to the game and The BAT-OUTTA-HELL update introduces:

– Rooks, Ravens and nowerful Netherbats.
– Places to recruit aforementioned unupgraded units – Raven Summit and Nether Gate.
– And a new neutral hero with Rooks/Ravens specialty.

The Rat mod
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

Rats and Battle Rats – unit that competes with Peasants for the title of the weakest creature in the game. They deal less damage on average (yes, it’s possible!) but are faster. They also completely ignore their opponents’ defense (not that it makes much difference). Upgraded rats have twice as much health, are faster and deal a solid 1 minimum damage. In addition, similar to most rodents from the Might & Magic series, they have a chance to inflict disease.

Ratmen and Rat Grenadiers – slightly weaker than other 3rd level units, but very fast. Living in sewers and other unpleasant places made them resistant to disease and weakness. Upgraded Ratmen use their bats to hurl “granades” at their enemies. These improvised bombs are duds 4 out of 5 times. If they go off, they deal 10 damage per each Grenadier. Apart from pieces of scrap, their spacious backpacks contain flasks with mysterious concoctions. They can use them once per battle to remove negative effects from their allies (positive ones as well).

Cultists and Cult Leaders – cursed apostates who strayed from the path of light. Average 4th level shooters in terms of stats. Their dark orbs take away enemies’ ability to cast spells (Archangel, Genie, Enchanter, etc.) and their hate for Monks and Zealots is mutual. Upgraded cultists enjoy the blessing of the faceless god, which manifests when they attack in melee. They no longer need their flimsy ritual knives!

Cutthroats have already been introduced (albeit in a tad different, whiter guise). Their dashing hats and masks are strangely familiar!

Oozes and Gel Oozes are solid 5th level units. While the basic creature is still slightly “unstable”, the upgrade patches things up – boosting its defense, health and minimum damage. Oozes’ attacks cover their opponents in “Flammable Coating”, which increases the damage of fire spells by 50% and has corrosive properties. For the next 2 turns, affected unit will take damage based on its level (level x 5). Oozes themselves aren’t affected by this ability. Additionally, Gel Oozes shed any negative effects at the beginning of each turn.

Rooks and Ravens rank lower than most 6-level tiers in terms of stats, but they have a lot of potential thanks to their unique ability. “Vendetta” raises Ravens’ attack and maximum damage by +1 every time they’re attacked. When “vengeful” stack attacks, the attack bonus is cancelled, but damage bonus lasts for full 3 turns. What’s more, when Raven appears on the battlefield, any Rook will also make use of this ability.

Netherbats are average 7-level units, but in speed they are second only to Firebirds. Their sharpened senses allow them to deal fixed damage and also make them resistant to blinding. Nevertheless, they still use their eyes, so they are vulnerable to petrification.

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