Antagarich Burning download

Platform VCMI v1.1
File Size 32 MB
Version part 1 + 2
Update 19.04. 2023
Author Ancientdruids
Install this mod via VCMI Launcher
How to install VCMI and mods via VCMI Launcher
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

Antagarich Burning is a project divided into three parts:

1) AB Bad Ending Maps – currently containing 1 map, created with the VCMI map editor and showcasing the engine’s capabilities.
2) AB Bad Ending Assets – the elements necessary for the creation of these maps, with improved decorations and battlefield for “asphalt” terrain.
3) Forge2k – a Frankenstein’s monster of a city, built out of elements borrowed from various other projects. Members of the MDT, Fred79, Axolotl, Don Komandor, Alex-ander, Morn – the finest works of these prominent artists were selected and combined into a whole package. I hope this rendition of Forge will both appeal to its eager fans, and bind the whole mod together.

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