Advanced Classes Mod v1.091 Update + changelog

Advanced Classes mod version 1.091 requires an ERA 3.95 installation or ERA 3 Launcher. Mod must be placed in the Mod folder and activated with the Mod-Manager. Delete the old version before installing the new patch.

Advanced Classes mod
mod is included in Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
bugs report: Discord

Advanced Classes mod v1.091 changelog:

– spell hovering shows Magic Pierce and Magic Resistance of enemy stack
– right clicking spell book in combat shows additional info about available extra casts and abilities
– Necro commander now raises skeltons also on retaliation
– fixed First Aid Specialists not granting bonus HP (thanks to Matrix4767)
– fixed possible wrong calculation of Magic Arrow dmg
– fixed First Aid Tent healing after combat when switching in new stacks (eg TUM CBs)
– fixed correct display of max spell points in combat with M/GM Intelligence
– Channeling ability will now work with >=95% of max spell points and added battle tool tip when ability was active
– fixed resource bar will now update after scouting event (thanks to Archer)
– fixed a bug in commander class promotion screen which could lead to no selected class (thanks to Archer)
– fixed M/GM Pathfinding movement penalty calculation, Max movement points are now set correctly at a new turn
– WM upgrades and enchantments for computer player are now a bit less frequent
– Booby Trap upgrade cost increased, description updated, damage decreased and now it respects Magic Resistance secondary skill. (thanks to Diozia)
– fixed second strike from Retaliator commander class no having increased damage
– Strike All Around damage will no only do 50% of damage to secondary targets (thanks to Archer)
– ranged AOE damage will now correctly hit the surrounding targets if clicked on 2 hex wide units
– creature casts like from commander, will now check for enemy resistance dwarv type
– King commander class Mastery now works and this class cannot morale
– Luck reducing artifacts will now show correct again in battle when checking creatures
– slighlty lowered the spell costs of some spells, but increased the cost of multicasting in the same round (+5,+10,+15,+20…)



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