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Time marches forward and Heroes 3.5 Portal will be celebrating 6 years of its existence at the end of august! During all that time a lot has been accomplished, a lot of articles, information regarding the Heroes series, competitions and an enormous database of modifications, which are all at disposal for download. I manage to run the Portal without any obnoxious advertisements, video ads or idiotic pop-up windows.

Visit the Artifact Merchant and choose a gift

However the time runs short, and some more responsibilities have occurred (family related 😊 ) so I got the idea of buying a hosting with a domain for the upcoming 10 years. The website has been functioning under for a long time and I would like for it to stay that way. Hosting with a domain for 10 years cost 243,20€ altogether (see the board below).

You can send your contributions to :

So if you feel like contributing to the functioning of this portal for the next 10 years you have the greatest chance. Every €/$ is highly appreciated. If you intend on donating through PayPal please send it directly to the email address : , NOT through the Donate button, as to avoid high transaction fees.
As of 25.2. 2019 there is 172,0 € at disposition for the new hosting and domain. I will be updating the page and adding new contributions.

Domain: 11,25€ x 10 112,50€
Hosting: 13,07€ x 10 130,70€
Together: 243,20 €

In 2019 and 2018 Heroes 3.5 Portal has been supported by :


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