50 New Artifacts – Third Upgrade Mod v1.12.0 update

What doesThird Upgrade Mod v1.12.0 contain?

  • [+] 60 New Creatures.
  • [+] 50 New Artifacts.
  • [+] Various decorative objects that are generated in RMG
  • [+] 2 new Dwellings.
  • [+] 2 new Dragon Utopias.
Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build

Update to v1.12.0

  • 32 new artifacts were added, making a total of 50 without replacing any other.
  • Fixed issue with some artifacts like pendants being placed on miscellaneous artifacts.
  • Artguard.dll was removed due to bug reports related to that plugin.
  • The price of third upgrades level 6 was further decreased because it was too expensive.
  • 2 new Dragon Utopias were created in the game (more to be added in the future).
  • Now fourth upgrades from level 7 can now only be earned at level 8 dwellings.


  1. Vendetha

    I just installed the mod but it seems that its bugged. Whenever i start a game and click to move the game crush. I followed the instruction to install it but i don’t know if it is a problem with the mod or a problem with my installation.
    Anything will help me, i really want to play this mod.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, do you use HD mod to play? if so, try running the game without it. If the game works like this, write and we will continue.

  2. Bartek

    Hello, i have problem with upgrading my top units. I mean i can upgrade it one time, for exmaple Archdevils to Baron but i cant upgrade it to Antichrist. Could you help?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Bartek, fourth upgrades from level 7 can now only be earned at level 8 dwellings.

  3. Tordenskroll

    Do third uograde mod sopport era 3???

  4. Perry

    Yes it does support ERA 3

  5. tu tu


    where can i find the description/detail of all these new items?
    I wish it would be in-game or doc (PDF files) in installation setup folder

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, unfortunately, there is no list all the new stuff. The easiest way to see everything is through the map editor: https://youtu.be/4R1Vz2rhar8


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