Third Upgrades Mod update v2.14.1 with Dark Templar / Paladin

Third Upgrades mod has new gameplay option in the first stage of development, “Dwelling Banks“: replaces the original dwellings by 50% with an altered version in the style of creature banks, for level 1 Dwelling Banks you have to defeat 4 stacks of the units that you originally recruit, the reward will be the full amount of gold those creatures are worth, plus the free ones. Dwelling Banks replenish every 7 days and are accumulative. It’s in the testing phase, so there is no disable option at the moment and it is only available for level 1.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Third Upgrades mod changelog:

  • Updated hd_wog.dll core.
  • Updated Manual: Added new information and added another manual about Amethyst, thanks to Dalion.
  • Added SaveDecoration.dll: It autodetects and changes savegame extensions in TUM, ensuring greater compatibility when saving games.
  • Updated Amethyst: Added new visual effects of creatures with more_anims.era and AmeEfect.
  • Changed names of “Templar” and “Paladin” to “Light Templar” and “Light Paladin”.
  • Cyclops Emperor graphic has been updated, thanks to Dalion.
  • Updated large PNG portraits, thanks to FanofHeroes.
  • Changed graphic from Blood Dragon, thanks to FanofHeroes.
  • 1 new creature with his upgrade and dwelling.


  1. John

    There is a problem. In a one-on-one online game, the second player does not increase primary skills when leveling up. Who faced such a problem, help!

  2. toxibarge

    I have a problem with artifacts : after many games played on randomly generated maps, even if i clean every dragon utopia and beat IA heroes, i’ve never seen 3 artifact : Crown of Fire King and the shield of vermillon bird, and 2 or 3 times only i’ve got the sun emperor chainmail… is there any way to fix this ?


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