There won’t be Horn of the Abyss Factory update 1.7 in New Year 2023

Unfortunately, even at the turn of 2022 / 2023, we will not see the new Factory town. Below you will find a comment from one of the members of the HotA team. It is an automatic translation from Russian. 

Please, if you know Russian, help me to translate it properly into English.

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In beginning of December we [HotA Crew] estimated our potential and found out that we can’t finish Factory Town (even Campaign) to New Year Eve. Without crunch next HotA cannot be accomplished. We don’t want to be devastated though. December 31 is beautiful date but HotA Crew need more time, crunch is tough price that will lead HotA to ‘The End’.

HotA Crew can allow release of Town only without Campaign. There’s a lot of work, Campaign and maps are unfinished. Release of Factory Town only is one of the ideas, it can be unrealistic too. There will be no New Year post because in past year similar post was met cold.

Factory Town theme is finished. It was made by one of the members of HotA Crew. Paul Antony Romero track for Factory will be Campaign theme. I, Don_ko, almost finished Factory Siege Screen.


Фабрика на новый год не выходит, более того – в планах нет и “новогоднего поста”. В начале Декабря мы оценили силы, поняли что завершить город (не кампанию) к НГ реально, но потребует кранча котоырй приведет к полному выгоранию части участников. Уместится в “волшебную дату” ценой дальнейшей жизни проекта явно не лучшая цель. Команда допускает (теперь) раздельный выход обновления с городом и обновления с Кампанией, но это всего лишь “допущение” такого сценария, а вовсе не утверждение. С кампанией, с ёё картами, работы все же еще очень много.
“Новогодний пост” же в группе и в прошлом году не был встерчен с особым энтузиазмом, смысла нет будоражить людей “оповещением о посте” в котором все так-же не будет релиза. Те кто ждут и так ждут, те кто уверен что разработка заброшена – их разуверит релиз, а не абстрактный пост на новогоднюю тематику.



  1. Patrick

    So glad to hear that it is progressing! I’m very excited for full release.

    1. Josef

      These are your “high places” frineds?
      This is where you get your 1.7.0. Christmas preview?

  2. Noname

    I’m not sure, but it seems like Factory can be released without campaign in March-April

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Why do you think so? Do you know something we don’t? 🙂

  3. HoangPhucHuynh

    I translated this post into English correctly.
    The factory does not come out for the new year, moreover, there are no plans for a “New Year’s fast”. At the beginning of December, we assessed the strength and realized that it was possible to complete the city (not the campaign) to the NG, but it would require a crunch that would lead to a complete burnout of some of the participants. Fit into the “magic date” at the cost of the further life of the project is not the best goal. The team allows (now) separate releases of the update with the city and the update with the Campaign, but this is just an “assumption” of such a scenario, not an assertion. With the campaign, with its maps, there’s still a lot of work to do.
    The “New Year’s post” in the group and last year was not played with particular enthusiasm, there is no point in stirring people with an “announcement of the fast” which still won’t be released. Those who are waiting and so waiting, those who are sure that the development is abandoned – they will be disbelieved by the release, and not by an abstract post on the New Year’s theme.


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