Will we get The Succession Wars mod update today?

We already know that HotA 1.7 will not be released today, but it is possible that we will see a new version of Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars Mod. The trailer already indicated that we will see a new version by the end of 2022. Yesterday the authors added a new post on Facebook, so we see, they still have time until midnight. 😀

Succession Wars v0.8.2
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
or try WoG Folder – online source of Heroes of Might and Magic mods (not only Heroes 3 mods, but not Heroes 6 😀 ) and various goodies (like “Did you know” series) that I have managed to collect over the last 10 years for everyone who contributes to the running of the Heroes 3.5 Portal.

The classic six H2 classes have all received their siege walls and towers this holiday for the upcoming release of H3SW. The mages also resemble a certain holiday figure a bit.. maybe they have something to share soon? 🎅🎁🎉

Heroes 3: The Succession Wars v0.8.2 is finally out! Download now.

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  1. Andrey

    Heroes of Might & Magic III — Succession Wars Mod 0.8.2 released! Y-E-S!


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