S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod update v10.06.23

A huge story mod for Heroes III, inspired by the equally famous game STALKER. Added English translation. Most of the translation was done with the help of an online translator, so the translation may not be entirely correct in places. However, most of the “standard quests” (those in the seer’s huts) should be with “quite normal translation”.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version


  • The client engine has been updated to version 3.9.4.
  • The description of the Rift Jerboa creature has been added.
  • Sukhov’s teleportation beacon now activates immediately upon completion of his primary quest.
  • The icon for the “Defense/Melee Attack/Shoot” action has been changed.
  • Added the ability to roleplay an “adrenaline addicted” Grom (including the ending for this roleplay).
  • Added new modifiers to Armored Bots that activate when Grom gets Adrenal Addiction.
  • Improved the moment of completing the task with the purchase of tools from Chistyakov and the subsequent improvement of the Fire Control Module
  • in the <Veteran of the Zone> mode (now the player is guaranteed to be able to complete the task within one day).
  • Color highlights have been added in the Neuromodulator options dialog (to indicate the positions of the highest priority in this map).
  • Added the ability to get improved versions of the Ammo Cart in the Zaton location if the player loses the cart in a fight with Snorks or Sancho.
  • Removed Haste and Bloodlust from AI hero Sancho, added Curse.
  • The dialogue near the Watchtower with snorks has been supplemented with an extended explanation of the mechanics of the Veteran’s Knife.

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