Silence of the Siren update – The first look at base building

Every Silence of Siren  faction needs its center of operations and that is what we are here to share with you today. As an example, we will be taking a closer look at the Fossorian outpost to demonstrate the mechanics of base building.

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And who are the Fossorians, you may ask? Other factions call them ‘moles’ for their similarity to little furry animals from the Earth – it is true that some ancestors in Fossorian evolution probably occupied a similar niche. Still, be careful not to use this name in their presence, you really do not want any of those furry bastards for an enemy.

Centuries prior to the space age, the Fossorians escaped from the polluted wasteland of the planetary surface to the colder but much safer embrace of underground cities. They also brought this architectural tradition to the Siren System as it provides additional protection against bombardment, infiltration, and also citizen emigration. The brutalist style mirrors the overgrown ego of its creators and complements the need for living in the safety of a bunker.

They’re capable of building huge underground structures which can host thousands of warriors and war machines. At the beginning there are only the essentials: a base core to control all operations from, basic fortifications and of course a space bar where bored commanders are looking for a next job.

After a few planetary cycles the base has grown quite a bit. The core building has been expanded and provides more income each turn. It is possible to recruit many more units and they have access to a trading hub so if they lack some resources, they can easily buy them or sell them if they are overstocked. At this stage the Academy has come online and can teach commanders new abilities that can provide a huge advantage in battle.

The Base is now fully upgraded. It is possible to recruit the strongest units in their second upgraded form and teach commanders some of the most powerful special abilities. Other important upgrades increase visibility range around the base, allow heroes to travel from base to base and the fully developed defenses help to defeat even much stronger opponents.

Of course base is just a small part of everything that is needed to conquer the Siren system. There are many structures on the map which provide important resources or even units you can use. But never underestimate the importance of the center of your operations.

We are now working on UI and soon we will show you the different ways how you can interact with your base and with individual buildings. How do you like the design so far?

Where to preorder?
Silence of the Siren (Steam)

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