Roland & Archibald campaigns for Horn of the Abyss

Roland’s campaign is one of the two campaigns from Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, the other being Archibald’s campaign. After the death of Morglin Ironfist, the player must choose which of his two sons to support in the struggle for the throne. The two campaigns contradict each other, and Roland’s campaign is the canonically true one. All campaigns have selectable difficulty.

Roland & Archibald campaigns
Horn of the Abyss
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It was impossible to recreate the decisions from HoMM2, you have to do all missions. I also couldn’t give specific towns as starting choices in the campaign.

I’ve tested those scenarios and they should be doable, although some of them are harder than the rest.

There are also optional portraits of Archibald, Roland for Armageddon’s blade and Corlagon for those that want more immersion. They are in the folder “data” and must be placed inside your HoMM3 “data” folder.

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  1. Damor

    In the first map in Roland’s campaign, I think the starting hero should change. The description mentions that Halon is a well respected “Genie”, but his portrait is clearly a Gremlin.


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