New Upgrades mod update #3

New Upgrades is mod for Heroes 3 VCMI game. Ongoing project of making VCMI mod to introduce third upgrades in every Heroes 3 town. The aim of this mod is to make high quality 3D models from scratch and introduce new defs as creatures‘ third upgrate. For know this is one-man project. Any help will be… helpfull – comments, ideas, graphics etc. Mod is designed for VCMI platform, because under VCMI engine it’s easy to implement these features.


  1. Anarch

    must say that upgrade looks pretty nice so gl for him to make that

  2. Stefan

    These look bloody amazing! Where is the female angel going to fit in?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Stefan, nobody knows, maybe it will be just a female alternative to Archangel 🙂


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