HoMM3: The Board Game – Puzzle town boards

We put these puzzles together… and built this city on Might and Magic!

We remember the reactions of players when using the town boards with cut-out puzzles of buildings in Birmingham and Poznań, albeit at the time, they only had placeholder images on them. Opinions on them were very positive. Some even mentioned that after completing the entire puzzle, they could “hear” the original sound effect from the computer game.

In the meantime, we tried a different concept with beautiful panoramas, which was sent in prototypes to various YouTubers…

Kickstarter upcoming project
HoMM3: The Board Game official

We’re back with great news! The concept of the “puzzle” town boards has won and will be implemented in the final product. Here are the results of our work:

1. The main idea behind the design of the town board was the intelligent organization of space on the table. The current design means that the player no longer needs an additional resource tracker. They will be able to accurately track how many movement points they have left as well as which actions they’ve taken in this turn.

Having all of the most important information in one place reduces the time spent on resource management and allows players to focus more on the actual gameplay.

2. Just like in the original game, players start with empty spaces on their town board and develop their town as the game progresses. This allows us to easily display all of the information relating to the building. Placing down the puzzles on the town board is extremely satisfying and resembles how structures are built in the game.

3. The puzzles are double-sided. In most cases, this allows you to distinguish ready-made buildings from those that still need to be purchased. Each faction contains one puzzle with two buildings which is meant to simulate upgrading certain structures.

Heroes 3 board game castle

Some of the buildings’ functions are described in the background, and on the front of the puzzle, they are marked with an intuitive symbol. This allowed for all descriptions to be arranged in a well-organized manner.

4. This is a change that made us very pleased, but I believe that it will make you – the players, even more satisfied. Our original design better reflects the spirit of the game, is more practical in-game, makes the game easier to organize, and also allows players to always look at the amazing town art!

Kickstarter upcoming project
HoMM3: The Board Game official

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