HoMM III: The Board Game – Final Creature Scale

The units that you will see are in their final scale, with no more changes being planned unless absolutely necessary. We want to make you, the fans of the game, as happy as possible with this adaptation which is why we pay great attention to any feedback we receive and discuss virtually every message we get internally. Without further ado, here are the changes we made:

Late Pledges & Additional Goodies

We’re still receiving a lot of questions when it comes to late pledges which is why we wanted to clarify the situation.

Late Pledges will be available through the Pledge Manager, the same platform that everyone has to use to finalize their pledge and provide their address (as Kickstarter does not provide that information to us). The Pledge Manager we’re using for this campaign is Gamefound, and we plan to open our page in April.

For those that already made their pledge through Kickstarter, you will receive a set amount of credits based on your pledge amount which you can then use to make your final pledge. You will then add the pledges and addons to your cart and finalize your pledge. Please note that this process is necessary to receive the game. If you didn’t have an account on Gamefound before this campaign, you must register using the email you used to pledge through Kickstarter, and the credits will be waiting in your account. A detailed list of instructions directly from Gamefound will be sent to you once we’re ready to open the Pledge Manager.

If you didn’t make your pledge through Kickstarter, then you’ll be able to Late Pledge once the Pledge Manager is open without any issues. You will have to register with a fresh account or log into your account if you already have one and navigate to our Heroes of Might and Magic project page on Gamefound. From there, you’ll be able to pledge and choose from a range of add-ons.

When it comes to add-ons, these are additional purchases that you can make in the Pledge Manager. We’ll be sure to reveal more of the add-ons we have planned for you as we get closer to the opening of the Pledge Manager!

See you later, Heroes!

– Szymon Ewertowski

HoMM III: The Board Game – Inferno Progress Update & Playtests

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/homm3boardgame/posts/3735086

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