Human AI mod update v1.15

Human AI mod improves AI strength by emulating human tactics / advantages, rather than simple obviously cheated handicaps. This results in much more interesting games against AI, especially in random maps.

Human AI
works with ERA 3 Launcher
How to install ERA 3 mods

Human AI mod update v1.15 changelog:

  • Added a new config setting: “LiteModeForCustomMaps” (thanks to Archer). Default ON. This setting DISABLES the following settings while playing custom scenarios:
    + ReplaceHeroes
    + FunnelTroops
    + ImprovedArtifactAI
  • Fixed an issue with ReplaceHeroes feature not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with AI not assembling some combo artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause AI to lose 1 of low-tier troops sometimes.
  • Fixed an error with AI necromancy when playing without GEM / with TUM.
  • Fixed an error with AI having extension heroes on turn 1.
  • Fixed AI sometimes losing stack XP/stack arts when sending troops from hero-to-hero.
  • Hopefully fixed a rare error with EX:C, when AI sends troops from hero-to-hero.
  • Fixed a rare error with MA:L, after AI fights a battle.
  • AI no longer leaves strong troops in towns from their best heroes.
  • AI no longer equips “Magic Wand” artifact, because they cannot yet use it properly.
  • AI won’t clutter their backpacks with unnecessary Warlord Banners anymore.
  • Changed “ReplaceSkills” feature to only replace skills of AI’s two best heroes, instead of all of them.

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