Heroes 5.5 RC15 beta 2 – Artifacts Update, Potions & Manual

A new beta release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download and will update artifact expansion and manual tool.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5

This version is still a beta and DOES NOT include campaigns, it seems completely stable, this is only about testing design choices. If the exe file gives an Antivirus warning, this is because of extensive reverse engineering to make unique modifications and nothing to worry about.

Heroes 5.5 RC15 beta 2 changelog:

AI Update

To address all complaints about the AI in recent years (too hard/too easy/fleeing etc), team replaced the simple start bonus system in the custom game menu with a new game mode system that gives the player the following benefits:

  • Effectively 16 difficulty levels including much easier and better working harder difficulties.
  • Ability to easily team up all AI players against yourself for an exceptional challenge
  • All AI heroes can be set to never flee and fight you to the death.
  • All AI heroes can be set to unlootable, this prevents human players from snowballing and motivates exploration, works especially well on very large maps with too much inventory clutter. Also note that in H55 battle sites reset quickly for players that did not originally plunder it.
  • In games with only human players you can still use the settings as start bonus only.
  • In games with multiple humans + AI players, it is recommended to set the same mode for all players otherwise it is not 100% certain, but in most cases the easiest selected will be prioritized.


Fixed Regalia of the Legion not working on governors if growth was already boosted by default bonus. When governors equip a regalia of the legion artifact the gained bonus is now shown among the growth stats for all tiers in the town management screen! Furthermore, those stats are now updated daily instead of weekly, therefore future growth can always be observed after ending a single turn.


Now if potions are activated in MMH55-Settings.pak all starting heroes receive a free mana potion to make clear it is active (potions are added to artifact pools, but randomly you may not find any of them)

Smaller Fixes

-Added new MMH55 logo made by forestsnownikita!
-Changed amount of experience gained from Helmet of Heavenly Enlightenment to be much stronger on high level heroes and much weaker on low level ones.
-Cursed artifacts are now transferable to secondary heroes and rarity is increased to 1 in a 100 battle sites.
-Fixed not getting the cornucopia for collecting all resource artifacts and not getting phoenixes for dissolving it.
-Fixed mana giving artifacts not working when two of the same type were equipped simultaneous
-Fixed orb of prophet not recognized as part of the prophet set
-Fixed some minor txt issues on artifacts and the desc of golem magnetism
-Fixed witch huts refusing to fill last skillslot
-Fixed witch huts trying to give a skill if the hero already has 8.
-Optimized Tavern UI to be in sync with hero inventory updates from RC14 (credits: ThGryphn)

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