ERA 3 Launcher v2.919 update – Huge update of text organization and localization for AC mod

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP).

ERA 3 Launcher
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ERA 3 Launcher changelog v2.919:

Advanced Classes Mod:

  • [#] Fixed display of Magic Artillery in the battle log – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] Huge update of text organization and mod localization – thanks to Sinestra;

ERA scripts:

  • [+] added a new option “New Cover of Darkness“, replacing the original one, giving protection from attacks – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] rewritten “Slayer” mechanics with “ReMagic” option – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] backpack artifacts now support artifacts from vog-options – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] Added missing title in “Bounty Hunters” dialog – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] now artifacts are updated once a week instead of once a day with the option “Improved Artifact Merchant” – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] The Witcher achievement has been fixed and now works – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] temporarily removed the ability to rebuild the towns for AI – thanks to Archer30;
  • [-] removed duplicate option “additional upgrades” – thanks to Archer30;

Human AI:

  • [+] update to version 1.15 – thanks to Ameranth;
  • [+] list of changes

WoG Scripts:

  • [+] wog chests now upgrade new creatures, fix behavior of option – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] now lava and arctic snipers improve among themselves without payment – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] “Strengthened monsters” – now damage from monster spells is based on the number of creatures, like Thunderbirds – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] The mechanics of the “resistance I” option has been updated, which removes the improvements of enemy creatures in battle – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] lava snipers can no longer attack walls and can be resurrected – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] Karmic battles no longer create units on occupied hexes – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] Fixed the number of ogres attacking the hero at the beginning of the week – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] fixed incorrect condition for variable initialization when fighting neutrals – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+#] many optimizations and improvements of the whole mod – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] “intelligence” now limits all events with monsters to their 7th level – thanks to Archer30;

Trainer X:

  • [+] Added support for arrays from the ACM mod – thanks to Archer30;
  • [+] added id of artifacts when clicking on them – thanks to Archer30;
  • [#] fixed artifact name corruption – thanks to Archer30;

Game Enhancement Mod:

  • [#] Added check of game version for each player;


  1. jnk.krwz

    что за знак вопроса перед перед началом карты, кто знает?
    еще баг с троллями непонятный, просто рандомно меняет юнитов у существ и оруженосцев

  2. MIchal

    Thanks for the update, it seems many of the bugs were cleaned! And I would like to ask noob question – lava and artic sharpshooter shoots with only spells by default – how to change it during the combat to normal attack? Thanks.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      You can’t change that, it’s their attack, they don’t shoot an arrow, they “shoot” a spell.

      1. Michal

        Well then it was changed recently because they used to shoot arrows and then fireball. Now when I have 10 or 100 sharpshooters they just shoot the same damage spel…


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