WoG Graphics fix big New Year update v2.8.0

This amazing graphic modification not only modifies and enhances the graphics of old WoG objects, but also adds many new ones.

WoG Graphics fix
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher*

*If you use WoG Graphics fix mod with ERA 3 Launcher, it is necessary to disable “16 2-way teleports“, “Game Enhancements Mod” and “WoG Fix lite” via Mod Manager for the proper functioning.

WoG Graphics Fix v2.8 changelog:

  • Added new trees for grassy landscape
  • Added snow-covered trees
  • Added vertical border gates
  • Added 12 icebergs for water
  • Added 9 mushrooms
  • Improved sprites of six dwellings of the eighth level
  • Added 4 new sand palms
  • Added additional hills for grass and mud
  • Added additional passable grass crater
  • Improved sprites of the snowman and mountain dwellings
  • Redrawn Grotto
  • Added a new snow-covered bush
  • Added a snowy university
  • Added a snow-covered temple
  • Added snow-covered stables
  • Added a snowy grave of a warrior
  • Added improved spellbook sprite on the map
  • Improved graphics of new monoliths
  • Improved graphics of the frozen fountain of luck
  • Improved sprites of swamp trees from RoE
  • A number of swamp palms are registered in the palette of sand objects and are generated on the sand
  • The graphics of the manticore dwelling have been improved
  • The composition of two new rocky mountains has been improved
  • Minor improvements to four bushes of the original game
  • Changed the color palette of one of the WoG mermaids
  • Fixed a goblin sprite on the map (thx Dalion)
  • Improved WoG # 30 object sprite
  • Improved and cleared of pixel debris sprites of fences WoG
  • The sprite of the lava fort on the hill has been fixed
  • The base of one of the original mud mountains is no longer clipped

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