Third Upgrade Mod v2.16.1 update with improved Fire and Ice Dragon Castle

Third Upgrade Mod*
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

*ATTENTION: Third Upgrades Mod requires “Visual C++ Redistributable” download it in official Microsoft page.

Changelog 2.16.1:

  • Updated TUM Manual.
  • Added “msvcp140.dll” and “vcruntime140.dll”. (As a test to find out if the error disappears when starting TUM without Visual C++ Runtime).
  • Temporarily disabled SS Bonus Agent.dll (suspected to be the cause of Dragons with lack of immunities).
  • Fixed Dragonheart artifact spawns Lord of Thunder instead of Blood Dragon.
  • Removed Dragonling Nests from naturally spawning on Random Map due to too many spawning on the map.
  • Due to the aforementioned, the possibility of replacement in Dragonling Nests was increased again.
  • Changed Rust Dragon for Sulfide Dragon in Ultimate Dragon Utopia.
  • Improved Fire and Ice Dragon Castle (Can be visited after 28 days, it has different sizes and now gives mithril).
  • Now Dragonlings can growth in its mature form when they reach Ace Rank. (Thanks to PerryR!)

Changelog 2.16.0:
+ New.
* Improvements.
– Fixes.

+ Updated SS_Bonus_Agents.dll by Majaczek.
+ Dwelling for Shadow Dragon.
+ 5 new artifacts.
+ 1 new combo artifact.
+ 9 new creatures with dwellings. 2 new creatures in this version.
+ Among the new creatures, Rust Dragon upgrade is of them.
+ Two new Creature Banks.
+ 9 new Dwelling Banks plus a level 7 dwelling bank.
+ Added crexpmod.txt in Amecre.pac
+ Dragon Heart artifact now can summon TUM dragons.

* Latest Amethyst, Emerald and FasterAI from Majaczek.
* Raised 1 defense for Naga Empress.
* Added “No enemy retaliation” to the description of Antichrist.
* Added “Hates Chasm Dragon” to the description of Gurdian of Zeus.
* Added “Fear.” to the description of Chasm Dragon.
* Added more HP and defense to Dragon Slayer.
* Added support of new creature abilities from WoG Scripts/Era Scripts. Options like Battle Dwarves Reinforcement, Demon Rage now also gives the third upgrades of the these creatures the same bonuses.
* Added extended Radius of a shooting units flag to Winged Magog, Lich Emperor and Necross Dragon as they should (in order to be checked by third party mods).
* Added Dragon Nature flag to Diamond Dragon and Darkness Dragon as they should.
* Added Attack and Return to Chasm Dragon.
* Removed Double Stike from Antichrist.
* Now Nightmare Hydra can attack with double Acid Attack like Hell Hydra does.
* Removed ‘Dragon Will’ from Lesser Dragon and now has innate Dragon Nature.
* Shadow Dragon has been balanced.
* Amulet of the return of Samsara has been improved, it can now transform different skeletons into their living forms.
* Improved Dragon Slayer creature, now does can deal up to 500% damage to all dragons and resist attack from them.
* Nerfed attributes of Axe of Might and Wand of Magic.
* Ivory Tower and Spit now give more rewards depending on the size of CB as they should.
* Added zavg196.def and zavg196.msk for restoring the dwelling of Dracolich to the original (in order to achieve WoG Fix compatibility).
* Remade Chimera Creature, thanks to FanofHeroes for the graphics and Dalion for the sounds!
* Reduced the quanity of Steel Golem guardians of Experimental Shop (70 to 40 each tier) to match up with the overall strengh of the other CBs.
* Changed graphics from Ghoul and Cerberus (thanks to Fanofheroes!).
* Removed Double Attack from Naga Empress in Stack Experience. (Tested and it’s really OP)
* Temporarily disabled “Wayfarer’s Boots” artifacts and its script. (Possible cause of heroes with unlimited movements).
* Other script improvements.

*Removed from …Datas:
– 26 wog – mirror of the home-way.ert
– 37 wog – battle extender.erm
– option 759 – Devils sacrificing.erm

*Removed from …Lang:
– option 759 – Devils sacrificing.json

– Fixed TUM options menu and descriptions in WoG Options.
– Fixed the resurrection ratio of Divine Phoenix and Red Skeleton.
– Fixed some graphic conflicts from Tides of War creature which share the same name.
– Fixed Passability of Dragon Sanctuary.
– Fixed elementals couldn’t upgrade after building the third upgrade building.
– Fixed Gelu and Dracon couldn’t upgrade third upgrade monsters.
– Fixed some creatures require fewer exp points than their lower forms.
– Fixed several bugs in Mysterious Cave and New Pandora.
– Fixed in some cases you could get 8th monsters in a town belongs to a different faction.
– Fixed Ghoul’s flesheater ability.
– Fixed the faction of several new neutral monsters. Now all should have the same faction with their lower forms.
– Fixed a problem which could result in AI not being able to build the Third Upgrade Buildings.
– Fixed a crash with battles in New Pandora.
– Fixed several bugs of Mysterious Cave.
– HotA (artifact): Fixed not being able to revive the last killed stack in the battle as Fangarms. Now you are only able to receive Fangarms after battle when there is an available slot (as in HotA).
– Fixed Ring of Oblivion effect works in Soul Eater commander preventing to casting Raise Undead even with Emerald disabled.


  1. Lill

    Díky moc za skvělou práci celkově s HoMaM a WoG!

    Mám dotaz k third upgrade mod – všude vidím, že po aktivaci third vylepšení zůstává ale v nabídce vylepšení i původní (druhá verze). Např. u gremlinů zůstává při nákupu možnost koupit jak obyč Gremlins (1.), tak Master Gremlins (2.) a i Grandmaster Gremlins (3.).

    U mě se ale stane, že vypadne z nabídky druhý stupeň (zde Master Gremlins) a jdou najmout jen základní jednotky nebo 3. stupeň.

    Jak to prosím udělat, aby byly k dispozici i po vylepšení všechny tři jednotky – stupně (příp. 4)?

    Díky předem moc za odpověď a mějte se skvěle!

    1. Lill

      Ha ha, už to vidím – stačí se jednoduše kouknout ne na summary na liště, ale přímo na jednotlivé dwelings v hradě, kde už jsou pak k dispozici všechny možnosti a úrovně.

      Každopádně, ještě jednou díky za vaši práci a budu se těšit na další!


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