Another Heroes 3 Mod update v1.2h with Castle Mage guild level 5

Another Heroes 3 Mod features…

  • Completely re-balanced heroes, skills, units, spells, artifacts, buildings, and map locations
  • New mechanics and abilities which expand directly on existing ones
  • Custom-built maps made with these new design concepts in mind
  • Improved user interface and several quality of life features
  • …much more!
Another Heroes 3 Mod
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

Another Heroes 3 Mod v1.2h changelog:

• 1.2h – Weekly growth bonuses now apply to both base and upgraded dwellings and are 2x growth instead of +5

• 1.2h – Growth weeks can no longer incorrectly occur for unaffiliated units or for Conflux units

• 1.2h – Monthly bonuses now also apply to upgraded dwellings and are 3x growth instead of 2x population

• 1.2h – Added graphics for the fifth-level castle Mage Guild

• 1.2h – The Dragonlord Armor should no longer incorrectly block lv.1-4 spells

• 1.2h – Removed blank artifact entries from the map editor

• 1.2h – Optimized more code (again, should hopefully be invisible to the player)

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