Legendary Heroes mod

PlatformERA 3
File Size25 MB
Updated05.03. 2024
AuthorsSandris, daemon_n, DrD_AVEL
for more information visit Discord
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
and compatible with Xyst New Interface

The search, processing and creation of the final graphics for the mod took about 3 years. Unfortunately, there were no AI modeling programs and networks at that time.

The mod does not impose the author’s vision of the characters’ graphics, but is used to customize the images of all the heroes in the game, their full body figures, portraits, as well as backgrounds and a number of decorative elements.

In addition, by editing the Legend_Heroes.json, the player can change and adjust to his liking the sizes/location on the game screens of images of heroes, backgrounds, decorative elements, artifact slots, their visible area.

Legendary Heroes mod


  1. alfichBG

    GREAT, but how to dolwnload or upgrade this mode?

  2. Luha087

    So Good but how to dolwnload this mode?

  3. Игорь

    а как скачать ???

  4. alfichBG

    currently in closed access….

    1. Bolvark

      They say anything about when it might be available?

  5. faust.twi

    damnn, i want that in vcmi.


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