How to solve: Cannot create Random_Map.H3M in data directory


I received this error message with the new version of ERA 2.8.3 when i wanted to create Random map. Don’t panic, it’s very easy to fix it.

Just create a folder with the name “random_maps” in the game directory. Done.


  1. Tsvetozar

    My game crashes when I start the WoG.

    Failed to read data at 0.
    EIP: H3era.00600480 (A0_DrawMouseCursor_sub_600430 + 80). Code: C0000005

  2. Xaba

    For any case I want to leave here the other solution of such problem. I am running Hota/HMM through Wineskin (under macOS) and I see the same error. In my case `random_maps` folder was created but I have found (use `opensnoop` utility) that HMM application trying to create random map file name with invalid encoding (looks like it try to use Russian letters in file name). To fix this problem I change locale to `ru_RU.UTF-8` (in `WineSkin/Advanced Options/Custom Commands` I set `export LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8` value) and solved this problem.

    1. Pasha

      U are the best

    2. Misaka_Mikoto

      Hey, dude. Can you show me this feature, please? I’m also with Mac Os


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