Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Championship 2021

Enough playing alone, it’s time to find out who is the best. Heroes III Championship is here, which will start on February 1st and end in June. The final will be available to watch online or under the open sky via a 5×3 meter LED screen in Vilnius (capital city of Lithuania 🙂 ).

The registration is simple and free. Write #signup (on Facebook page)and you will be contacted by PM. You will need to play at least one game per week. The player who loses 2 series leaves the Championship. This is how we will play until there are 2 players left who will determine who is the winner of the championship in the final.

Championship template: Jebus Cross and rules: h3hota.com/en/rules. The rules and template can be changed by mutual agreement. Communication will take place via Facebook Messenger.

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