Heroes III Ultimate Christmas Quiz 2021

After a year, we will start waiting for Christmas with a Heroes III Ultimate Christmas quiz.

There are 20 “easy” questions waiting for you in the quiz. The best will be rewarded with PC games (for GOG and STEAM platform).

The quiz is over, winners are.

  • Heroes III Ultimate Christmas Quiz starts on December 1, 2021
  • and ends December 15, 2021
  • quiz has 20 questions
  • you have 4 minutes to complete it
  • there is only one correct answer to each question
  • you have only one attempt
  • no registration required
  • see what prizes are waiting for the best
  • (In case of problems with the quiz, visit the forum)
  • have fun
  • support us by buying games on GOG so we can do another quiz…
  • by clicking the “Start quiz” button, you agree that you have read the text above 🙂
  • The quiz is over, now you can try it with the right answers.