Heroes 5.5 update RC15 Beta16 adds new skills and new Dimension Door adventure map object

This release reverts some stuff from the previous betas that didn’t work out and polishes balance further, also adds some new skills and adds new Dimension Door adventure object.

Dimension Door allows heroes visiting towns on ARMG maps without teleporting the hero to the town, instead the hero stays at the location of the Door and can transport troops, learn spells or use town buildings from that location.

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Zones will mostly have randomly 0-3 dimension doors in most cases, so scouting ahead where they are and planning routes that pass near them will be important. The object currently looks like the magi hut, an object that did not have a function on ARMG maps and was therefore previously not used. On ARMG this object will have a blue roof. The hero cannot use a dimension door if an enemy is within 8 tile radius. Dimension Doors can be disabled with Mapmixer, in that case the objects will only replenish mana.

Dimension Door, this object allows visiting towns on ARMG maps without teleporting the hero to the town, instead the hero stays at the location of the Door and can transport troops, learn spells or use town buildings from that location.


– reverted changes to odds for perks appearing when leveling up.
– reverted change to rewards granted by Witch Temple adventure object to stimulate players building the Magic Guild and use the Dimension Doors map sites.
– reverted detain and weaken magic school perks to reduce atb and spellpower by 25% instead of 30%
– ‘Master of Curses’ perk now also apply ‘Suffering’ spell effect on targets hit by hero basic attack. Suffering spell will also be taught instead of ‘Weakness’ spell.
– ‘Suffering Strike’ perk in Dark Magic skill tree is replaced by a new perk: ‘Blood Rituals’ which gives +2 knowledge and a ‘Heart of Darkness’ artifact similar to the ‘Orb of Lifeblood’ artifact but with different lore, different icon and scaling with knowledge. The purpose of this new skill is to fix issues with regenerative capability of non-necro dark focused classes/builds, including Avenger class heroes.
– ‘Orb of Lifeblood’ artifact is removed from the game.
– ‘Arcane armor’ perk in destructive is removed and replaced with ‘Electrocute’ perk buffing all lightning spells by +4 spellpower.
– ‘Ring of Celerity’ artifact raised to relic level and description reveals it also affects war machines.
– ‘Artificer Wand’ artifact: can now resurrect Arcane Eagles
– Emilia: starts with ‘Artificer’ skill.
– ‘Pariah’ perk: now also gives -1 Luck penalty to Necropolis heroes.
– Shackle magic school perks, require level 15 to actually give the ‘Shackles of War’ artifact to the hero.
– To make the balance conflict between ‘Shout’ skill and ‘Empathy’ perk more manageable by the player the ‘Shout’ skill is changed: each level reduces Morale by -1 if they have the ‘Empathy’ perk. The penalty on ‘Empathy’ is removed.
– ‘Elder Chief’ perk fixed not working properly and causing possible cascade of bugs
– Duncan: reverted skill change so ‘War Machines’ starting skill is now removed. Skill was added back when he was much weaker.
– Tent war machine: 20HP base healing and +10,+30,+60 for ‘Defense’ skill masteries.
– Kaspar: reverted perk changes so he starts again with ‘First Aid’ perk, defense primary stat changed from 2 to 0, specialization “Embalmer” grants +1 defense for every 15 levels.
– Ellaine: starts with ‘War Machines’ skill
– Ellaine: fixed starting army not having a lot of Peasants
– Tieru and Zehir: fixed specializations not working
– Ivor: new specialization ‘Arcane Archer’ – The hero learns the ‘Empowered Lightning Bolt’ spell at level 10 and the ‘Empowered Chain Lightning’ spell at level 30, despite not being able to learn the ‘Empowered spells’ perk. Lightning spells imbued or cast by this hero ignore magic resistance, but immunities and magic-proof still apply.
– Ivor: fixed starting with Familiars as favoured enemy.
– Veyer: fixed not able to obtain ‘Shackles of War’ artifact from perk.
– Vampire: -1 health
– Vampire Lord: -5 health,
– Vampire prince: -2 health +1 attack
– Wraith: +1 speed, -3 defense, +1 attack,
– Banshee: +3 defense, -1 attack, -1 speed (swap these stats to make wriaths more interesting and different after harm touch nerf)
– Lich: -1 attack, -1 defense (excessive high stats for tier)
– Archmage: reverted ‘Energy Channel’ ability, removed ‘Purge’ ability
– Battle Mage: +1 health, +1 defense
– Rakshasa -10HP +1 Attack, +2 defense
– Rakshasa Rani and Rakshasa Raja: -5 health, +2 defense
– fixed t6 and T7 resurrection artifacts having higher than actual mana cost in description.
– likely fixed conflict between high tier governance and weekly recruits abilities.
– fixed description of ‘Magic Pyre’ adventure object.
– fixed description of Necromancy Amplifier town building.
– fixed ‘Corrupted Tarot Deck’ and ‘Shadow Tome’ artifacts having icons exchanged.
– improved description of ‘Sorcery’ skill mastery levels.
– fixed issues with texts of resurrection artifacts
– deleted wrong pixie description in the text files.
– added better beta debugging, now if a script crash occurs the console will be unlocked in multiplayer and all errors that occurred during the session will be produced in the console every time somebody visits a ‘Redwood Observatory’ adventure object.

Corrupted Tarot Deck

Corrupted Tarot Deck

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